The Best Hot Tub Anb SPA Cleaners, Chemicals And Filters

SPA Cleaners

Hot tub and spa require multiple types of products to ensure the water is safe to use. Keeping the spa and hot tub clean is crucial to your health therefore it is important to select the best product. The best products will also enhance the effectiveness of your spa and hot tub. There are many suppliers for instance; SpaChem limited company which supply the best products.

Here is a brief overview of the best hot tub and spa cleaners, chemicals, and filters

Spa and hot tub filters

Filters are essential equipment that traps impurities or contaminants from the hot tub and spa. Every hot tub and spa requires filters to ensure the water is safe to use to prevent skin infections.

Cartridge filters

Cartridge filters are designed with pleated mesh material that traps contaminants from the spa or hot tub. It is easy to clean and maintain and it can be replaced after 1-2 years.

Sand filters

Sand filters contain silica sand which traps contaminants as water passes through. It is least effective because sand cannot trap all the microscopic particles. Sand filters are economical because they are cheap and easy to maintain. Sand filters should be replaced after 3-5 years.

Diatomaceous Earth filters (D.E)

Diatomaceous Earth filters consist of several mesh grids covered with diatom powder. The powder kills all the contaminants in the hot tub and spa. Precautions should be taken when handling diatom powder because it is harmful to the body. Use this filter when no one is accessing the spa or hot tub at that time.


Most people find it challenging to select the best chemicals for hot tubs and spas. Here is a list of the best chemicals.


Chlorine and bromine are the best sanitizers to kill bacteria and other impurities in hot tubs and spas. First, test the water condition using a water test strip to identify the amount of sanitizer to use. The package has instructions on how to add sanitizer to your hot tub and spa.

Alkalinity increaser

Alkalinity increaser helps maintain the optimal pH in the spa and bathtub. The optimal pH level should be 7.4 -7.6 as values below this range will make the water acidic to use as this may cause skin irritation.

pH increaser and pH decreaser

pH helps to increase the pH level in the spa and hot tub while pH decrease lowers the pH level.

Shock treatment

Shock treatment adds oxygen and removes any bacteria in the spa and hot tub. Shocking also helps to sanitize the hot tub and spa and removing any chloramines.


This chemical coagulates contaminants in water making filtration easier.


 There is a wide range of cleaners like stain remover sponges, freshwater spa shine cleaner, and deformer. Avoid abrasive cleaners as they may scratch away the surface of the hot tub and spa. Deformer reduces foam in a hot tub and spa water. Foam can be caused by body oils, cosmetics, and lotions. It is advisable to take a shower and remove any makeup before using spas and hot tubs.

Final words

In conclusion, getting the best cleaning and maintenance product enhances the effectiveness of your hot tub and spa. The above article clearly describes the best products to clean and maintain your spa and hot tub.



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