Things to Consider Before Changing Your Landscape

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If you’re getting tired of how your landscaping looks right now, then it might be due for an update. Thinking of landscape designs can be a very fun experience, but before you actually pull the trigger and decide on changes, you need to carefully think it through. Your landscape is an important part of your property and shouldn’t be something to hastily decide on.

Below are some tips to help you decide on what to change or how to design your landscape.

Understand the Space

You can’t just go about using plants that you like- there’s a lot of thought that goes into landscaping. Think about the climate in your area. Are the plants that you like compatible with the local climate? The topography of the area matters as well. Even the soil is important. These things are very important factors that need careful consideration. Of course, hiring a professional to help you sort it out works. But if you’re up for it, you can also do your own studying to gain a better understanding of what can work and what doesn’t.

Decide on a Specific Theme

Harmony is something that can make your landscape look infinitely better. That’s why creating a theme can help you, and it can also make things more efficient as it will guide what sort of plants and materials you have to select. A theme can be something as simple as having a sense of symmetry throughout your space or as complex and thought-out as using the same family of plants all throughout.

When thinking of what theme is best for your property, think of how the theme affects its function. Think of how your theme can affect how you intend to use the property. Do you want an unobtrusive and makes for a good area to move around and relax? Consider going for low-maintenance plants and trees that don’t drop very spiky or sharp branches and leaves. Or perhaps you want a nature-filled respite. Then go for flora that encourages the local wildlife. The theme you decide on is important, so take your time deciding on one.

Think Long Term

It’s important to remember that your yard is part of your investment. Before making major changes, think about how the property will look down the line, say 20-30 years later. Do you plan on planting seasonal plants or high-maintenance ones? Who will keep in charge of the upkeep? Are there plans for property changes or further land development in a few years? Asking yourself these questions can help you in your decision-making process before overhauling your current landscape.

If for example you currently have some trees planted, think about whether you plan to take them down completely or just have them relocated to a different part of your land. Choosing either can impact how you will budget the entire project, as well as the timeline you can set for it. Another long-term factor would be the plants you will choose. Ornamental plants are well and good, but functionality should also be considered. You’d want trees that can provide shade apart from colorful bushes and shrubberies that beautify your land.

Plan Out Your Plants

As mentioned, the plants you decide on will impact how your landscape will come together. Factors like the colors, size, and even fragrance can affect the look and feel of your landscape design, so it’s crucial to carefully plan out which ones you’ll want to include in your garden. Keep in mind how you intend to guide the eyes when viewing your garden. Your overhead, vertical, and ground plane are all equally important, and a very uneven design can be distracting instead of relaxing.

Attention to Detail Is Important

If you’ve already decided on what new theme to have for your garden, check for spots around the area that might turn out to be hazards in the future. Your plumbing, for example, is crucial in this aspect because you might end up having to adjust your pipelines if your landscape does not match your current plumbing lines. Another hazard you’d want to look out for are tree stumps, big and small. If you do find one or several, it’s better to hire professionals to grind any stumps, as they know the best and most effective way to do so.

Your landscape is something that can either increase your property’s monetary and personal value, or it can severely hamper it. It’s an important part of what makes your home yours. That’s why it’s very crucial to think about it before you ultimately commit to a redesign.


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