Top 5 Best Reasons for Replacing or Revamping Your Garage

Garage Doors

If you have a vehicle and own a home, you probably have a garage. One question you may have is whether it’s worthwhile to replace or revamp it. Coastal Garage Doors explains the reasons below to help you make a smart decision.

1. Adds Value

Replacing your garage door enhances the curb appeal because the exterior and garage doors are what people see first before they walk into your home. According to the National Association of Realtors, a new state of the art garage can raise your home value as it can give you an 83 percent investment return when you sell it.

2. Minimizes Utility Bills

Want to reduce heating and cooling costs and save some bucks? Doing away with your old garage is a smart idea as it can help you do just that. It’s because an old garage may have poor insulation that can increase your energy costs. In sharp contrast, a new garage can reduce your heating and cooling bills by trapping cold air in the summer and keeping it out in the winter.

3. Safe Garage

In addition to protecting your vehicle, a garage can also keep your most valuable assets like tools and equipment. An old garage with substandard insulation can expose your special tools to rust and other harmful substances. A steel door garage door, on the other hand, can keep the bad weather elements out of your garage while protecting your precious belongings.

4. Reduces Garage Door Maintenance

Garage door maintenance costs can shoot beyond your budget if you’re still having an old garage since it needs constant maintenance. You can significantly reduce these expenses by installing a new automatic garage door. One example of a cost-effective garage door is a carriage house door. Although it’s made of insulated steel, it still retains a wooden garage’s traditional look with a modern touch.

5. Lowers Home Insurance

Another cool thing about replacing your garage and installing a new steel residential garage door is that you can reduce your homeowner’s insurance rates. An old garage can increase your insurance because it can easily break down often, especially during bad weather conditions.

On the other hand, new garage doors can withstand pressure during severe weather, thus decreasing the possibility of an insurance claim. When you install a new garage door, let your insurance company know about it and ask how much you can save.

Types of Garage Doors

If you decide to replace or revamp your garage, here are some popular types of garage doors:

  1. Wood- Compared to other garage materials, it’s got a steep price, but it’s suitable in all climates and gives a wide array of design options.
  2. Steel- It’s cheaper than wood but easily rusts and may not be a good choice in coastal areas.
  3. Aluminum- If you live in coastal homes, it’s a better choice, though at a higher price than steel.
  4. Tempered glass in aluminum steel or wood frame-is the best alternative for those looking for contemporary and modern designs.
  5. Fiberglass and vinyl-It’s a great choice for low-budgets and doesn’t rust. However, you’ll have limited design styles, and they can crack in the cold.

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