When To Replace Smoke Detectors (And Other Maintenance Questions)

Replace Smoke Detectors

Did you know that 96% of US homes have a smoke alarm installed?

While this is an encouraging statistic, it’s estimated that about 20% of these alarms aren’t functional. This highlights the importance of maintaining and replacing your smoke detectors. But where do you begin?

This guide outlines how and when to replace smoke detectors. If you value your family’s safety, take five minutes to glance at this rundown.

Read on for the top signs to replace your smoke detectors.


If you’ve noticed your smoke detector is turning yellow, it could be time to think about getting a new one.

Some people think that this discoloration is caused by cigarette smoke or dust particles. In fact, it’s caused by a breakdown in the flame retardant bromine coating of the smoke detector.

The discoloration process takes a long time to play out, so if your detector is going yellow, it’s obvious that it’s reaching the end of its useful life.

Constant Chirping

If your smoke alarm is constantly chirping, listen up. It’s not something you should ignore.

If you don’t act on the chirping, you’ll become accustomed to it. This complacency could result in you dismissing a legitimate alarm. Plus, when certain smoke detectors are on their way out, they chirp incessantly.

Sometimes, the chirping indicates the need to replace your batteries. A fresh battery may silence the chirping. However, repeated chirping should be a major concern if your smoke detector is hardwired or fully charged.

Poor Response

Every smoke detector has a ‘test’ button that lets you know it’s functioning correctly. If your detector doesn’t respond when you press the test button, it’s time to think about replacing the unit.

While it could be an issue with the battery, you should test your detector thoroughly and consider rewiring or replacing it if problems persist. Ignoring poor response times puts your home in danger.

Home Renovations

When you start making home renovations, it is crucial to consider any home projects’ implications for your home alarm system. Generator replacement can leave your smoke detector without a power source, rendering it useless.

If you’re looking at generator installation, ask your home renovations expert to wire in your detector. You need it to function at all times, even during a power cut.

Your home maintenance and renovations should never compromise the safety of your home. Your building inspector should check that your fire alarm system is functional when the job is complete.

Knowing When to Replace Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are the silent sentinels that keep you and your family safe every day.

While installing a smoke detector is crucial, knowing when to replace smoke detectors is equally essential. We hope this guide points you in the right direction for maintaining and replacing smoke detectors.

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