4 Cool Garage Makeover Ideas You’ve Been Looking For

Cool Garage Makeover

One-quarter of all Americans with home garages don’t ever park their vehicles in the garage.

What do they do with that space?

Some people install home gyms. Some use the garage as storage. Some turn them into living spaces.

Are you looking for some ideas for garage makeovers for your home garage? You can peruse a number of home improvement blogs to find some easy garage makeover ideas that speak to you.

Have you upgraded the interior of your home? Was an old garage makeover last on your list of home improvement priorities? Keep reading to discover cool garage makeover ideas here.

1. Use The Ceiling Space

If you’re looking for garage makeover ideas on a budget, this is a good one. Use hooks to hang bicycles to keep them out of the way. Use heavy-duty, rubber-coated hooks. With a drill, you can make the holes for each hook. Hang each of your bikes by one of the wheels.

You can also use the ceiling space for overhead shelving for storage. You can put crates of holiday decor and things you don’t use that often. Keep things you will use more regularly in an easy-to-get-to spot.

2. Hide It All

This is a great tip for a small garage makeover. Line the walls with sleek cabinets to hold all the garage “stuff.” There are tons of different cabinet types suitable for garages. Choose the ones that fit with the vibe you’re seeking.

Make sure you consider what you’re planning to store before you come up with the configuration of shelving and cabinets.

3. Paint, Caulk and Use Your Wall Space

Fill in any cracks or holes in the walls and give the whole garage a fresh coat of paint. Use the wall space to hang tools and yard & garden equipment with hooks or magnetic strips.

Use a fold-down bench for your workspace. Keep it up on the wall to save space while not in use and pull it down when working on a project.

If you really want to give your walls an interior look, you can hang new drywall before you paint.

4. Flooring

Flooring is a great place to start or finish depending on the way you’re doing your makeover. Kick it up a notch by upgrading your standard gray concrete floor.

Add some custom garage flooring to your garage makeover. You can choose from a variety of different options or custom design your new floor.

Cool Garage Makeover Ideas

With these cool garage makeover ideas, you’ll turn your ordinary garage space into an open, organized, and more useable area. Whether you DIY or turn it over to professionals, you’ll love the transformation as your garage becomes a functional space. It’ll be a room you’ll enjoy rather than a utilitarian parking area.

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