2018 Latest Trends of Dining Tables

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Dining tables are the point of interaction in your home because it clasps the attention of everybody who visits your dining room. They are looked at as a significant part of the furniture and do not come cheap.

Purchasing the correct dining table for your dining room is not an easy task to accomplish. Some people do not know about the elements to be considered while purchasing a dining table for the dining room. There is a large range of dining tables offered in the market. The design, texture, shape, and material keeps on changing as per the growing trends. You can get a vast variety of dining tables at La Mason.

Rustic Wooden Dining Table

Rustic table is a rough table that is finished with uneven surfaces and showcases the natural wood that is built to give an old authentic look on purpose.

Pedestal Dining Table

It is designed with a singular support in the center of the table with interesting designs and carvings to the support of the dining table. Dining chairs can fit comfortably under the table. The design is very convenient.

Reclaimed Dining Table

They are made from old wood that could be taken from the old ships or the old doors and the wood can be even a hundred years old.


Farmhouse Dining Table

Farmhouse dining tables have a country feel with the natural woods of lighter colours of wood with a classical and simple finish of the dining table.

Rectangular Dining Tables

Rectangular dining tables are very common among all as most of the dining rooms are in a rectangular shape. They can even provide more flexibility by extending its length. They can be put into small places without using all of your space for the table and can leave space for other things in the dining room as well. This type of dining table can hold a large quantity of the guests which makes it easy to move around the table.

Square Dining Tables

If you have a small home then square dining tables are the best option for you as it can also be used for other purposes as well. You can easily push the table to the corner of your room when you do not require it and want some extra space. They are perfect for a family of about two to five people. They create balance in your dining room.

Oval Dining Tables

You can also opt out for the oval dining tables if you do not want a rectangular or a square shaped dining table. It is a mixture of both as it has the flexibility of square one and the layout of the rectangular one.

Round Dining Tables

Round dining tables are the most versatile as it goes with your dining room regardless of its size or shape. This can be fit almost everywhere in your dining room and can use the space cleverly. You can have a lively chat with your whole family sitting on a round dining table and enjoy the chat.


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