5 Ideas For A New Kitchen Design

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The kitchen is at the core of a family. It ‘s a place to share stories, bond, laugh, of course, eat. Whether you’re entertaining guests or preparing a warm family meal, the kitchen has to be just right. Around the world, the kitchen helps to symbolize an array of cultures through numerous styles and features. The kitchen embodies the character and uniqueness of a home, and because of this, requires its design to be well planned and orchestrated to the tune of its host. If you’re in the beginning stages of remodeling and/or exploring kitchen designs, here’re 5 kitchen ideas sure to add a little inspiration to your search.


Inspired by the future, this eye-catching and shiny style brings a modern sophistication to the dinner table. Although some may be put off by its strong and a tad cold vibe, many also find high-gloss to add a chic-sexiness to the home’s character. Much of its focus is on white space, which helps to allow its features to stand out. If you would like to visualize how this contemporary design would look in your house, take a tour through some of these homes in the Saddlebrook community.


Wood-beamed ceiling that exudes the nostalgic eminence of Spanish Colonization with a touch of Tuscany’s colorful hills. Hacienda style kitchens offer families a cozy but elegant dwelling to enjoy each other’s company. The simplicity of patterned hand-painted tiling and rustic features never goes out of style. The vibrant warm colors givethis old style kitchen a sense of positive energy and ease, making it a popular choice among families.


This kitchen combines the elements of the past with a stylishface-lift of today’s times. Rustic wood and modern metal makes this a beautifully functional idea that adds charm and alluring features to the home. The simple addition of wood into the kitchen can easily produce warmth into the home, which may lack in many high-gloss designs. With a natural-modern design, creativity is a must, as this idea requires a sense of casualness and complexity. If done right, your natural-modern kitchen will easily be a favorite among family members and friends.


Dimly lit and handsomely dressed, the farmhouse style kitchen is never a bad idea to include into the home. The farmhouse kitchen sets the tone for a cozy family meal with its crowded interior, built-in draws and low ceiling.

The quintessential look and feel of blue-collar America with a luxurious twist of elegant artwork and simple functionality make the farmhouse style kitchen a favorite among country loving Americans.

Morning Glow

Conflicting colors sets the backdrop and built-in hidden compartments make this style a perfect alternative for those in search of hiding extra storage and clutter. Easy-on-the-eyes golden wood flooring, short and stout islands and floating shelves create an inviting ambiance fit to satisfy everyone’s taste. Like anyone who makes the interior house design decisions, morning glow enthusiasts should be creative as these kitchens are customized to the home’s established identify.


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