3 new design trends to modernise your kitchen in 2020

modernise your kitchen

Are you hoping to give your kitchen a fresh new look this year? There are tons of great design choices you could make that would easily modernise the space – and luckily for you, we’ve got three great ideas right here! Weather your kitchen design west midlands or the west country, for a house or a flat, for a one-person household or one with 5 children, all of these design ideas will look fantastic.

Change up your materials

OK, this one might seem a bit vague, but bear with us. If you’re hoping to redo your kitchen and you’re looking to switch up your current style, changing the material of your cabinets and counters can be a great start, especially if you choose a design that’s in fashion right now.

At the moment, two of the materials currently most in fashion are:

Marble – With its striking appearance and lustrous shine, this luxurious-looking material is experiencing somewhat of a revival right now. But before you dive headfirst into putting marble all over the place, you should also be aware that in some contexts it can look a little over the top. This really applies to all stylistic choices listed here, but it’s probably a good idea to draw out your design, to see if it works in practise.

And Wood – Wood is of course much simpler than the aforementioned marble, but it still looks both sturdy and fresh, giving your kitchen a really airy feel. The great thing about wood is that it comes in so many varieties which all have different appearances, including pine, oak and ash – it’s just a case of knowing the general “vibe” you’re going for and then choosing the wood that suits that style the most.

Of course, you don’t just have to choose one of these – for example, if you want a contrast between light and dark, you could also try a two-tone design (which coincidentally is also very in right now). Even outside of materials like marble and wood, using differing colours can instantly create a more striking design.

Whilst we’re on the subject of colours, you should also pay attention to current fads when picking out your colour scheme. Two of the most popular colours right now include green, black (which along with other dark tones had its moment last year) and navy blue.

Storage spaces

Ever since Marie Kondo taught us all how to tidy up in her Netflix show in January 2019 (and probably slightly before that too), storage space has gained increasing prominence when it comes to overall design – and kitchens are no exception! If you want to keep up with modern kitchen design, it’s best to include a decent amount of storage space as a prominent aspect of your plans. This doesn’t just have the benefit of giving you more room to cook either. From a design point of view, having a lighter and more spacious kitchen looks better too.

Some creative ways to put more storage space into your kitchen include:

Built in everything – One of the simplest ways to save space in your kitchen is to get built in fridges, ovens, coffee machines and anything else you can think of. Whilst also having a second advantage of looking very sleek and modern, it also makes the overall process of kitchen design far, far easier, in addition to the primary benefit that it saves a ton of space.

Cutting board containers – This is a simple but effective concept, as it does exactly what is says on the proverbial tin: it’s a special cabinet or rack specifically for storing cutting boards! With their often-narrow designs, they look cool and they save you storage space in your cupboard. Of course, if you’re going for the cabinet option, it may be more useful to invest in storage space to suit every kind of utensil/plate/whatever else you might want to store away in your kitchen, but it can still be highly useful.

Downsize and use every surface you can – Ok, we know we’re putting two ideas into one point here, but just bear with us. One of the simplest things you can do to avoid overcrowding or filling up your kitchen too much is to pick and choose your furniture carefully, deliberately choosing downsized items. When we say downsized, we don’t necessarily mean smaller, although that could work too. It could simply be a matter of choosing items that will take up less space.

And once you have downsized (do you see the link now?), it’s best to use any additional space you have as extra storage. For example, imagine that you have a fridge or a cupboard with empty space at the top. Why not put a container on top so you can fit more stuff in?

Go eco friendly

As we all try harder to live green lifestyles with the looming threat of climate change, eco-friendly kitchen styles are increasingly coming into fashion.

This is of course a broad subject area, meaning there are many ways you can implement this idea, including:

Using eco-friendly materials – bouncing off from our first point about choosing the materials you use carefully, you should also make an effort to ensure that all materials in your kitchen are either recyclable or eco-friendly. In this digital age it should be easy to research what is and isn’t good for the environment material wise – simply look carefully for the best materials, as you would when planning anyway, whilst taking the environmental impact into consideration.

Going green with your appliances and/or your lighting – This is another case of careful research, this time making sure that any lighting or appliances you buy are as energy efficient as possible.

Save water with a more efficient dishwasher – Another great way you can save both water and energy is purchasing a dishwasher that saves both!

In conclusion, there are various trends you can follow to modernise your kitchen, including going eco-friendly, making an effort to save storage space and changing up the materials you use.


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