5 Practical Storage Hacks for People with Small Homes

Practical Storage Hacks

80% of the items that people keep are never used.

So if you feel your blood pressure rising the moment you open the door to your cluttered home, you’re not alone.

But you don’t need to become an ultra-minimalist and throw everything out to keep your home organized. The right storage hacks can take your home from disorganized mess to fancy showroom level in no time at all.

And best of all? You can do it on a budget.

Ready to finally create a storage system that works for you? Keep reading for the top 5 storage hacks to use in your small home!

1. Try Hanging Storage for Doors

If you’re short on space, one of the best storage ideas is to use hanging storage on your doors.

This way, you can free up space on your shelves and in your cabinets for things you actually use.

For example, you can use hanging door storage as a shoe organizer, a bag holder, or even a tool organizer.

Hanging storage can come in the form of waterproof racks, plastic tubs, or vinyl/cloth pockets. Whichever kind you choose, make sure that your door can support the weight of the items you want to hang.

If you need to organize your makeup, you can get a door organizer with many pouches. You can put each type of item (lipstick, brushes, eyeshadow) into a different pouch.

Remember that you can use hanging door storage on small doors too. These include the doors on cupboards under your sink, for example. Add a few of these to hold cleaning supplies like sprays and brushes!

2. Get Furniture That Doubles as Storage

One of the top storage ideas for small spaces is to buy furniture that doubles as storage.

For example, you can get an ottoman or bench with storage inside to hold toys or games. This can be a great way to keep toys organized and off the floor.

Double-duty furniture is perfect for loft storage, where you may not have as many closets and cabinets at your disposal.

If you have living room throws you don’t always need, you can also store these under the ottoman. This is also a great place for storing extra bedding to use when guests come over.

These are usually called storage ottomans or storage chests. You don’t want to get one that’s purely wood, as you’ll have to cover it with blankets and cushions to make it comfortable.

This just adds bulk and extra work whenever you have to open up the ottoman.

For the most comfort, get a storage ottoman that has cushions or padding built into it.

3. Buy Bed Risers

An often-ignored piece of storage advice is to use bed risers. These are plastic cubes that you put under your bed to add a few inches of extra height.

While you may have a box spring or a bed frame already, it may not lift your bed high enough off the floor to fit the storage bins you have.

Bed risers are a great way to gain extra space without having to add or remove anything from your room. You can store items like out-of-season clothes under your bed this way. Just make sure to put them in bins or zippered bags to protect them from moths and dust!

If you have kids, you can use your new under-the-bed storage for items like toys, extra diapers, and extra blankets/bedsheets.

4. Add Wire Racks to Cabinets

One of the best storage tips is to add wire racks to cabinets. Like bed risers, wire racks create more space without sacrificing space somewhere else. Wire racks can even double your cabinet space!

For example, you can place a few under-the-sink wire racks inside your bathroom cabinets for items like shampoo and soap. You can then hang cleaning supplies from the bottom of the wire rack.

Wire racks are easy to install, so you don’t need to pay a contractor to do this for you.

One thing to watch out for with wire racks is their quality. You can get them from the dollar store, but they may be flimsy.

If you’re just testing out using wire racks, then you can think about getting cheaper ones and upgrading later. Just be sure not to put anything fragile or expensive on cheap wire racks in case they fall.

5. Use Magnets and Hooks

One of the most budget-friendly small space storage hacks is to make use of magnets and hooks.

You can place magnets on the inside of your cabinets and under-the-cabinet wire racks. These can hold kitchen appliances like cookware and extra cutlery.

For expensive (and dangerous) items like knives, get a magnetic knife holder that you can attach to the wall. If you live in an apartment, be sure to ask your landlord about where it’s safe for you to drill so you don’t accidentally hit a pipe.

You can also use magnets to hold your keys or other small metal items, which is a great solution for bedrooms and entryways.

Hooks are a great way to add storage to your kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. In the kitchen, you can use hooks to hang pots and pans, utensils, or oven mitts. You can also use hooks to hang items like spices or tea towels.

In the bathroom, you can use hooks to hang towels or robes. You can also use a small hook to hold a razor or toothbrush.

In the bedroom or hall closet, you can use hooks to hang clothes, belts, scarves, and bags.

Create a Tidier Home With These Storage Hacks

With the right storage hacks, you can save a lot of space without having to throw everything out or remodel your home.

For best results, take stock of everything you have that’s cluttering your home. Then, see which of the hacks above is the best solution for each category of clutter.

If you found this blog post helpful, you’ll love the rest of our home improvement posts. Be sure to take a look!


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