Tips & Suggestions for Garden Design

Garden Design

If your back garden leaves a lot to be desired, and you have finally decided to do something about it, this is the perfect time of year for some outdoor improvements. The first thing to ascertain is the scope of the project, and you should begin by taking a look at the available resources you already have.

Create a Floor Plan

Much like you would if you were designing an interior, create a to-scale floor plan on which to base your design. If you’re looking for affordable garden design in Windlesham, there is a local specialist who can create an outdoor space that incorporates your ideas, and with your budget in mind, the landscape gardener has something to work to.

Split Level Designs

By moving soil around, you can create a multi-level garden, even on flat terrain, and by adding a water feature, you can create a focal point of interest. Adding some retaining walls ensures that each level is supported, and you might want to consider adding a rockery to the design.

Major Features

Here are just a few ideas for a major feature:

  • Water Fountain
  • Garden Pond with Waterfall
  • Pagoda or Summer House
  • Covered Walkways

The Lawn

A garden wouldn’t be a garden without a nice grassed area, and if the idea of maintenance doesn’t appeal, why not opt for some artificial grass? Either way, a landscape gardener can create a stunning lawn, which should be located in the centre of the garden.

Talk to your local landscape specialist and you might be surprised at what can be achieved with a limited budget.


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