A Guide to Designing & Building your Dream Home

Dream Home

If you are fortunate to be in a position to design and build your dream home, there are many aspects to consider. We are indeed living in the digital age, and this can be reflected in your dream home; using smart technology and composite materials that require no maintenance.

Think Thermal Insulation

With affordable UPVC windows in Melbourne, you can introduce state of the art insulation into your new build, and with so many design options, you can create something in keeping with your concept. Stylish UPVC doors will complete the set, and then some efficient roofing insulation will ensure that your home does not use any more energy than is necessary to maintain the desired climate. Furthermore, UPVC is maintenance-free – something you need to be looking for in every aspect of the home – which keeps maintenance costs to a bare minimum.

Solar Energy

With literally hundreds of thousands of Australian homeowners making the switch to clean and renewable energy, designing your own home is a golden opportunity to remove yourself from the national grid and become completely energy independent. The money you will save is more than enough incentive to go solar (with the average home saving around $2,000 per year), not to mention reducing your carbon footprint significantly.

Sourcing a Builder

It is imperative that you source a builder that specialises in single domestic builds, as they would have in-house architects and designers, which means a single company can handle the entire project. Look for an award-winning builder and you can’t really go wrong, and once they know your proposed budget and your design ideas, they will get to work and create a design that best meets your needs. The builder would deal with planning permissions and carry out essential surveys on the land prior to the build, and with your ideas in mind, the perfect design awaits!

Think of the Future

If, for example, you are planning to extend in, say 5 years, then allow for this by building with an extension in mind, and if you are thinking about installing a stand-along modular unit, you can lay all the utilities now and that will save you a fortune when the time comes. Even if this is to be your retirement home, there might be aspects in the future, such as building a greenhouse, or adding an annexe for your children when they come to stay.

Think Security

Security is always a priority and with UPVC windows and doors, all you really need is a simply CCTV system that covers the perimeters. The best-known deterrent to burglars is UPVC double glazed windows and doors, closely followed by video surveillance, and if you have both, your property is considered secure by the experts.

It is important to consider every aspect of the build, and with the help of a specialist builder, your dream home will very soon be a reality. Using technology will bring you so many benefits; clean energy and top-rated security, to name a couple, and always remember never to compromise quality over price and you should end up with a home that would be the envy of all.


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