Granite: A Kitchen Countertop Preference for White Vintage Cabinetry


Many of those who have white vintage cabinet design went for it not merely because it was suggested to them or they felt so, but because they have a taste in kitchen design. White vintage kitchen cabinets have their own unique appearance that makes the whole kitchen turn into a masterpiece of home décor. Moreover, their availability in so many styles and sizes has made them perfect for any kind of kitchen space.

Now that we know how much kitchen cabinetry means for a kitchen, we should also admit that there is another very important aspect of a kitchen that plays a major role in showcasing the cabinetry, and that is the kitchen countertop. And in this blog, we shall be talking about which a countertop material that is a legend among kitchen lovers due to its looks and ability of adapting to any kind of cabinetry style. And the countertop we are talking about is none other than Granite, one of the fundamental countertop materials opted for since time immemorial.

Here are 3 points which make granite a suitable countertop material for white vintage cabinets:

  1. Natural finish: Granite should be your pick if you are looking for a natural countertop finish. Granite is a natural stone so there is no controlling the pattern. And it is this pattern which gives granite its unique identity and makes it a favorite among many kitchen lovers.
  2. High-luxury finish: For your vintage cabinetry, especially white shaker kitchen cabinets, granite will provide you the perfect high-luxury finish. The flecks of minerals that the granite stone carries along with its unique sheen and glamour provide an ultra-luxury look.
  3. Colors: Granite comes in a lot of colors like white, beige, black, burgundy, gray, blue, brown, red, green and yellow. And this makes it perfect for any kind of vintage style cabinetry, be it vintage white cabinets or white shaker cabinets.

Here is how granite will complement your vintage style cabinetry:

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  1. White shaker cabinets: Shaker style carries an appearance of the Victorian Era. Along with the typical white color of granite or any lighter shade (beige, gray, etc), white shaker kitchen cabinets can give you the perfect pristine kitchen resembling those times. Or if you want, you can have a darker shade (red, brown, blue) to give your kitchen a contrasting look while keeping the elegance intact.
  2. Cherry shaker cabinets: Just like white shaker cabinets, they have the same Victorian appearance. The only thing that we get in this case is a contrast (opt for a lighter shade of granite like white, gray, yellow, etc) which enhances the beauty of both the countertop and the cabinetry design.
  3. Walnut cabinets: Walnut cabinets with their rustic charm provide the kitchen with minimal, sophisticated and elegant design. Complemented perfectly with granite countertop (go for deeper colors like burgundy, brown, etc), walnut style vintage kitchen cabinets can provide you with an overall look of the old times.
  4. Toffee cabinets: As the name suggests, these cabinets are quite like walnut cabinets yet clearly distinguishable. They too, like walnut cabinets, provide a warm appeal that quickly grabs the attention of the beholder. Attractive without being over-the-top, toffee cabinets go great with granite countertops due to the soft toffee finish being either complemented or contrasted with granite based on the color you choose.

Be it for your vintage white cabinets or white shaker cabinets or walnut or cherry style cabinets, having a granite countertop plays a vital role in showcasing your cabinetry in a perfect manner. There can be no doubt that granite is one of the most well-known countertop materials for the kitchen. But if you choose among the 4 above-mentioned cabinetry styles, opting for a granite countertop will further enhance the appearance of your kitchen space.


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