Common Reasons for Water Heater Leaks

Water Heater Leaks

Problems with your home’s plumbing system or a visual inspection of your water heater revealed a leak. If you know little about water heaters, you may not know the root of the problem. Here’s a rundown of common reasons water heaters leak.

Loose Drain Valve

If you’ve ever cleaned your water heater, then you may already know where the drain value is. Over time, the valve may loosen and trigger a leak. Look for leaking at the valve’s base, which may point to a faulty component. Taking care of the issue could be as simple as getting a new valve. 

Aging Tank

Water heaters older than 15 years old tend to have more leaks than newer models. Wear and tear break the appliance’s parts down, and the tank doesn’t retain hot water as well. Rust in the tank could lead to corrosion, which could be the reason the tank leaks. If your tank’s old enough, you may have no choice but to get a new one.

Too Much Water Pressure

A build-up of steam inside a water heater could create intense pressure. With sufficient pressure and insufficient space to spread out within the appliance, your water heater could spring a leak through cracks steam uses to escape. You can try reducing the water temperature to reduce steam pressure inside your heater.

Faulty Pressure Relief or Temperature Valve

Your water heater’s pressure relief and temperature valve help control the tank’s internal pressure. If your valve stops working, the pressure builds out of control. Tightening a loose T&P valve could address the leak, but the component may require water heater service San Ramon CA, or replacement if it’s old or damaged.

Understanding what’s going on with your water heater and other home appliances helps you know when to try to handle the issue yourself and when to bring in the professionals. Educate yourself on common water heater problems and their solutions.


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