Common Ways A Mouse Can Get Inside Your House

Mouse Inside House

Mice can create nuisance in the house. They make your house unhygienic, contaminate food, and spread foul smells with their feces and urine. No matter how much you keep your doors and windows closed and take extra care, these creatures tend to find their way inside your home one way or another.

Mice do not need to enter your house through doors or windows. There are various other ways, and it is essential to learn about them to put a stop to the problem. If you are still wondering, “How are mice getting inside?” even after taking all the necessary steps, call pest control services to find the solution to your problem.

Common ways mice enter your house


One common way mice enter your house is through the cracks in your building’s foundation. Stacked stone and rubble foundations are more prone to invite mice into your house. To fix this problem, fill the gaps in the foundation with rodent-proof material.

The garage.

Many families tend to keep the garage door open during the day, allowing mice to get into the house very easily. To prevent this, ensure you keep your garage door closed at all times until needed.

The door.

Even when you keep your doors shut at all times to prevent mice, they can still enter without you even knowing it. Mice are intelligent and opportunistic creatures. They can quickly swing or jump through a door when swinging shut. At times, they may even enter through the space beneath the door.

Gutters and downspouts.

Downspouts are pipes that carry rainwater from the roof to the ground level. Since mice are excellent climbers, it is no big deal for them to climb up downspouts and gutters and get access to openings inside the house through the roof. You will need to rodent-proof the pipes to prevent this.


During holidays, you may put up decorative items outside your house. Mice tend to burrow in these items. When you take back the decorations inside the house, you take the mice with you. Therefore, it is essential to check all decorations thoroughly before bringing them inside.

Shared walls.

Suppose that you are super vigilant and take extra care to prevent mice from infesting your home. However, they still keep coming in. One possibility here may be shared walls with your neighbor who has mice in their house. This is a situation you cannot control on your own, and you must inform your neighbor about it.

Being aware of the different ways a rodent can enter your house can help reduce the possibility of an infestation. However, it still does not guarantee a mice-free house. Therefore, if a problem is suspected, it is best to hire an expert.


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