Tips for Hiring a Fencing Company

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A proper fence provides you and your family with protection and privacy. However, installing a fence is a big job. You have to watch for utility lines, dig holes and construct panels. Unless you have experience, it may be best to hire a fencing contractor. These are tips for finding a great company to install your fence.

Look Around Your Neighborhood

Many of your neighbors probably have fences. Some may be well-established, while others may be new. Take a drive around your neighborhood to see what fences you like. Do you prefer wood or vinyl, or will a chain-link fence work for your needs?

Consider speaking with the neighbors who have fences you like. Ask how well their fences have held up in the weather and in different seasons. Ask about any challenges or repairs that have been necessary. You should also ask which local fence companies Brewster NY they used and what their experiences were with these contractors.

Identify Your Needs and Challenges

Your next step should be determining what you need. However, not all fences are installed the same, and not all are easy to install. For example, if you have elevation changes, utility lines on the property line or rocky soil, your fence may cost more than someone else’s fence. In addition, some weather conditions, such as high winds and freezing winters, can affect your fencing requirements.

Request Contractor Visits

You should get multiple estimates from different companies. However, these companies should come out and evaluate your land before they prepare the estimate. Yes, this will be inconvenient because you will have to meet with all the fencing contractors as they complete their evaluations and estimates. Some contractors will offer to visit your home when it is convenient for you, while others may not require that you be with them when they do their evaluations.

Ask the Pertinent Questions

Ask your contractors about permits, utilities, zoning, evaluation changes, licensing, insurance and experience. You should also discuss height, materials, timeline and how many people will be on your property working on your fence.

If you want a fence that will last for years to come, work with a reputable, professional local contractor.


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