Designing Your Dream Kitchen

Dream Kitchen

The kitchen is truly the heart of a home. It is where lots of memories are made, and your family likely gathers in this area at least once a day. It is important that you have a space that you can enjoy since you likely spend a lot of time preparing meals there. You want a kitchen that is functional while still being a space you can love. When you are designing your dream kitchen, consider these three things.

Choose the Right Appliances

When you are choosing appliances, you have to consider aesthetics and functionality. Do you want a gas or electric stove? Do you want stainless steel, white or black appliances? You can even be bold and choose some appliances in fun colors. Your kitchen should be a reflection of your unique tastes; if you want a polished look, perhaps you need shiny steel appliances. If you prefer a more eclectic and vintage look, you can splurge for some colorful ones.

Choose the Right Cabinets

Cabinets are another part of your kitchen that must be aesthetically pleasing yet functional. When considering wood kitchen cabinets Austin, deciding what color to paint or stain can be challenging. Consider the colors of your walls or backsplash first. You can choose to paint your kitchen cabinets Austin a coordinating color or a bold statement color. You can buy cabinet kits that let you install special racks and shelving in your cabinetry. These can help you maximize space in every corner of the kitchen.

Choose the Right Fixtures

A fancy chandelier over your dining table might be a great choice, but you will likely need more lighting in the actual kitchen. Choose lighting that will not take away from the design of the room but will still allow you to see everything clearly in all areas of the kitchen. Fluorescent lights are a popular choice; under-cabinet lights have also gained popularity in recent years. If you have a raised countertop with barstools, you may want pendant lights hanging over this area.

Your kitchen is arguably one of the most important rooms in your house, so make sure that you have some fun designing it. For more tips, consider hiring an interior decorator to help you find the right colors and furniture for every room of your home. He or she can help create a cohesive design that gives you the cozy space you desire to call home.


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