Drainage Services: How And When To Hire Lawn Care Professionals

Drainage Services

Were you aware that just one inch of water in your home can already cause damages worth $25,000? Such can happen during severe weather and if you have a faulty yard drainage system. After all, if water can’t leave your lawn, it can accumulate, drown your garden, and penetrate your home.

Thus, it might be time for drainage services if you notice standing water in your yard or if the soil is always wet.

This guide covers how and when to hire lawn care and drain experts, so read on.

Try Some DIY Tactics First

According to https://whenappearancematters.com/, the height of your lawn affects its health. That’s why it’s vital to mow once or every other week. Doing so can keep your turfgrass at the right length, promoting proper photosynthesis.

However, all that mowing can result in some of the clippings ending up over your yard drains. That blockage can then prevent irrigation or rainwater from draining away. Instead, the water can pool, flow back to your yard, and may even attract bugs and critters.

So before calling a yard drainage service, inspect your channel and yard drains first. You may only have to remove foliage, trash, and other debris clogging their covers or grating. Likewise, check and remove blockages from your gutters and downspouts.

When to Call the Pros for Help

The frequency of heavy rains in almost all U.S. regions has increased since the start of the 20th century. Scientists say one reason for this is the 1.8° F increase in the country’s average temperature since 1901.

The more rain your area gets, the heavier the load on your drainage system. That’s even more likely if you have too few drains in your yard.

So to prevent water problems from flooding your home and yard, hire a pro to install more outdoor drains. For instance, you can have them install a channel drain on your asphalt or concrete driveway. You can also ask the expert to dig and install more yard drains in the lawn soil.

It’s also wise to hire a lawn care and yard drainage company to grade your yard. That helps ensure the downward movement of water, channeling it away from your home and lawn.

Another situation wherein it’s best to call the pros is if you suspect you have a busted underground pipe. Your drainage issues may not be due to a lack of drains but a leaking irrigation water supply pipe. In that case, hire a lawn care company specializing in irrigation system repairs.

However, if the water accumulating in your yard smells foul or sewer-like, you need to call a plumber. Your problem is likely due to a broken or damaged main drain pipe. If so, a plumbing repair contractor is your best (and only) choice.

Never Delay Necessary Drainage Services

Remember: Proper drainage is critical to preventing water build-up and indoor penetration. That’s why you should never ignore problems affecting your outdoor drains. Instead, invest in lawn care and drainage services as soon as you notice stagnant water in your yard.

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