Five ways in which Herringbone pattern flooring can amp up your living spaces

pattern flooring

Did you move to a new house? Or are you redecorating?

When it comes to working on the interiors of your home, there are almost innumerable patterns and colors and aesthetics to choose from. One such primary choice is selecting the right kind of flooring for your home to suit and reflect your style. If chosen correctly, a well laid out flooring can be a statement in itself. With the increase in the numbers of sellers online, you can buy floorboards online and take on a DIY project. One such kind of flooring becoming more and more popular these days is the herringbone floor pattern.

Herringbone flooring

The herringbone pattern is a distinctive, practical, and timeless design in wooden flooring. A parquet style of the floor gives a classy and elegant look to any space it is placed in. Perhaps the best thing about this kind of flooring is choosing different patterns and colors in wood to create a unique look for your interiors. There is no set pattern or several small planks or tiles that you can place, meaning that there is an endless array of options to choose from and make it your own.

Herringbone flooring inspiration and ideas

Several reasons can convince you to design your floor in a herringbone pattern. However, here are some chart-toppers that would persuade you to lay down a herringbone floor today-

1.   Aesthetic appeal-

To begin with, no other kind of flooring has the aesthetics of a herringbone floor. The pattern in itself is such that it brings a room together. It can complement all types and shapes of furniture with a wide range of support for different themes. Whether you want to go for minimalism, or retro, or contemporary laidback, a herringbone floor would support all these. At the same time, it would be a statement in itself as well.

2.   Ease of cleaning-

Floors can get messy real soon. But it won’t be a cause of worry if you have a herringbone floor. These floors are easy to clean. All you need is to sweep off the dirt from time to time and mop a couple of times in a week. As these are engineered floors, they are made with tough cores that can hold off their own against all kinds of dirt. The flooring does not hold stains or odors and is ideal for homes with families with children. Moreover, these days, the wood used by trusted online sellers to create herringbone floor patterns is allergen-free. This means that you don’t have to worry about allergies of a family member getting irked up because of the flooring.

3.   Durability-

These floors are made to last. Because it is easily cleaned,  and not much maintenance is required to maintain its long life. Besides, if there are any repairs needed, specific parts of the flooring can be worked upon, without disturbing the rest of the floor plan. And long-lasting here means lasting for decades. They are as durable as floors laid down from big planks of solid hardwood.

4.   Budget and investment

 this is not one but two benefits of one coming your way along with herringbone flooring. To start, the flooring would be easy in your pocket and would not cost you a lot. Whatever your budget may be, because of the plethora of options with genuine online sellers, you will find something that perfectly fits your requirements. On the other hand, it is an excellent investment because it virtually lasts an entire generation, if properly taken care of.

5.   Make it your own-

Because of such a wide variety of options available in the market, you can pick and choose patterns and designs of a herringbone floor that you can relate to. Depending on your tastes and space, the pattern can be as subtle as you want. Remember, the flooring can also be designed to be commanding and eye-catching. Whatever the result be, you can rest assured that it would be one of its kind.


A herringbone floor pattern can be the perfect choice for you to look up to when redecorating. Even if you are moving into a new place, the flooring will make you feel like you have made the place your own. Moreover, you can live a worry-free life as the strength of these floors is unbeatable. Invest in the flooring to upgrade your living space today.


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