Front Yard Landscaping Tips

Landscaping Tips

If you’ve already upgraded your property’s lawn irrigation systems and are looking for the next thing, you’ve come to the right place. Your front yard plays an important role in the resale value of the house, especially if it’s landscaped well. Not to mention a beautiful front yard is appealing to most if not all homeowners.

Here are a few things to know when evaluating your front yard for an upcoming project.

Understand the Basics

When standing on the sidewalk, driveway, or even across the street, your front yard should have a clear focus. For most homes, that focal point is the front door, so be careful where you plant trees or large bushes since they could hide it over time.

Find a Path

Whether from the sidewalk or driveway, consider all the ways you might want to build a path to the front door or porch. Naturally, instinct says to go the most direct and fastest route, but that might not fit the aesthetic of the yard. A winding cobblestone path or a slightly curved paver walkway might do the trick if you want to get away from a straight concrete look.

Pick Your Plants

A good rule of thumb when it comes to planting in the front yard is to avoid pressing them right up against the house. If you have the space, bring them out away from the foundation and for a two-story house, a minimum of 8 feet away. This helps add depth to the look of your yard and doesn’t crowd any windows that might like to hide behind those tall lilacs.

In conclusion, remember that only you can decide what looks good for your house. These suggestions are here to help guide you in your never-ending list of house projects so that you’ll end up with the most attractive front yard on the block!


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