How To Get Rid Of A Botfly


Botfly belongs to the biological family of Oestridae. They have different lifecycle and ages which varies from species to species. The botfly is named because of their bot-like look. The species have one thing in common that they all are parasitic. The botflies are very dangerous because of their parasite behavior so be very careful. If its larvae enter the skin, to get rid of them is extremely painful. The botfly is 12-19 mm long and 25 mm to 6 mm in diameter. They have spines and hairs on the body. Here are tips to help you get rid of botfly and how to prevent them.

A large quantity of camphor oil: getting rid of this tiny pest is not easy. You need to be strong enough and get ready to prepare for the battle against these maggots. Take a clean cotton ball and moisturize it with heavy camphor oil for five minutes or more. Then apply the cotton ball against the hole. Make sure you don’t touch the cotton ball for at least 8 hours. The larva will want to come out for air, which is when you remove them quickly by removing the cotton ball. If you cannot handle it, or you have kids around, call any professional pest control operator in Hickory NC.

Cover the wound: cover the wound with bacon, nail polish, petroleum jelly, all these ingredients act as oxygen repellent. When you apply any of these ingredients to your skin, it prevents oxygen from coming into your tissues. However, the fly larva will have a shortage of oxygen. They will stick to it when they come for air and will be killed instantly.

Use venom extraction syringes: These syringes are for complete prevention against bot flies. These are venom and piousness extracting syringes for insects that work against any bacterial infection, and this method does not hurt or damage your skin. Make sure all the insects are entirely dead because you don’t want to leave anyone after using these venom extracting syringes.

Applying pressure to the wound: (do not choose this method if you are easily disgusted by little things) when you identify the wound and larva have come out because of lack of oxygen. You can put some pressure against the wound so all remaining larva can come out. It is painful and disgusting but if you cannot stand it, it best you chose another method.

Apply iodine in the hole: iodine is very helpful when you want to kill a bacterial infection, like fungus infection or any other infection caused by the microorganism. Put a generous amount of the iodine in the wound; this is very effective enough.

How to prevent botfly

  • Make your surrounding: It is essential to keep your surroundings clean because rubbish and dirt will attract the host to fly around you and your home
  • Wear protective clothing. Make sure you cover up your body when you are taking a walk in lawn or parks mostly at night.
  • Use insect repellents. Use repellents in your home, garden or yard areas for your own safety.
  • Avoid the host flies: whenever you go and see the host flies around you, just move away.

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