Patio Awnings: All You Need To Know

Patio Awnings

Patio Awnings

are structures that help you exploit your outdoor space. While the comfort of a building’s interior is alluring for most people, there are some people who simply enjoy staying outdoors. The cool evening breeze, lovely patterns in the sky, and outdoor activities can be beautiful to enjoy when you have a patio and the protection of its awning above your head.

Different building structures have patios constructed for different purposes. For a house, the reasons for having a patio can be for outdoors family hangout, leisure, or even just a place for the grandparents to enjoy their evenings. Restaurants on the other hand, install patios mainly for business purposes. A lot of modern restaurants tend to have an outdoor space protected by a canopy where their customers can dine.

What Does A Typical Patio Look Like?

Although, a patio is an outdoor space, it doesn’t stand alone on its own most times. An ideal patio can be found beside a building. To put it quite succinctly, it can be said that it adjoins the building. Since it is meant to provide you comfort akin to what you have inside the building, the floor of a patio is paved with paving flags or concrete. This ensures that your feet isn’t soiled by sand, stones, and dirt.

The roof of a patio is covered by a canopy or awning. This provides shelter from rain, sunlight, and wind. Awnings are strong coverings that can be relied upon in days of wintry weather. They provide protection against strong rainfall and wind. Awnings are usually connected to the adjoining building by the building’s walls. A typical awning has the added advantage of customization. It is what makes it appealing to a lot of business owners. With an awning, you can advertise your business as the patio awning is out in open and is visible to everyone.

What Makes A Good Patio Awning?

If you want to obtain an awning and you are wondering how to know what awning type to get, you will find out all you need to know about what a good patio awning must be like in this article. The first thing to consider is an awning is how it is constructed. A typical awning is made with iron, aluminum or steel. Metals are used in the construction of this structures in order to protect the solar panels fitted into the awnings. A canopy/canvas covers the metal tightly. The canvas material is one that allows enough light to reach the solar panels in the awning.

Another thing to consider is the standard of the awning. For an awning to be considered good enough, it must have passed the test for standard. These are some requirements that a standard awning must possess. This include the ability of the awning to resist strong winds. Also, it should possess wind sensors, and it must be designed with strong support structures. Compression joints must be part of the structure. Any awning passing this standard is worth buying.

How Are Awnings Operated?

Awnings can be controlled electrically or by manual effort. The difference between a manually operated awning and one controlled electrically can be highlighted on seeing them. A manually operated awning have vertical support arms that have to be set against the building as props. The first thing you will notice about an electrically supported awning is the lack of vertical support. The arms of an electric awning are controlled by a remote device in most cases.

Types Of Patio Awnings

There are various models of patio awnings. Some however, are worth being discussed in this article as they are popular and very much in use. The first type of awning that comes to mind is the retractable patio awning.

The retractable patio awning can be operated both manually and electrically. It has solar shaded sides that helps in regulating the heat in the patio. The awning canopy is fully waterproof. The canopy is designed with fabric that provides shade and filters UV rays.

Another popular awning type is the aluminum awning. It is highly popular as a result of its durability. This awning type can be used by restaurants or in the garden as it has a long life span. It is accessible and can be obtained easily.

Another factor to consider when buying your awning should be the price. The cost of a patio awning depends on many factors however. It is usually cheaper when you are buying ‘off-shelf’ awnings than when you are buying awnings designed by European specialists.

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