How To Maximize Space In Your Small Bedroom

Small Bedroom

Picture this: you’ve just discovered the apartment or house of your dreams! Everything about it is perfect. The location, the style, the layout.

But when you go to check out the bedroom, there’s one massive, glaring problem. The bedroom is tiny!

Now, don’t panic. You can still sign that lease, even with a bedroom the size of a mustard seed on your hands.

This might seem like a big problem on the surface, but the truth is, there are lots of great and simple ways to deal with a small bedroom. You just have to get a little creative. And we’ll tell you how!

Read on to discover some great ideas for how to maximize space in your small bedroom!

Make Use of Multipurpose Furniture

Multipurpose furniture is easily the best way to maximize space in any room. But it’s especially useful in a small bedroom where you have less space for big furniture pieces.

Try to find furniture that can serve more than one function. That way, you don’t have to use up floor space for two separate pieces.

For example, consider a headboard that doubles as a bookcase or shelf. You can also use dressers or desks as night tables, or turn your bed frame into a storage unit by adding boxes or drawers underneath it. The possibilities are endless!

Invest in a Wall Bed

If you find yourself living in really small spaces, then it’s time to look into wall beds. A wall bed, or a Murphy bed, is a bed that tucks right into the wall when you aren’t using it.

Your bed easily takes up the most space in your bedroom, but with a wall bed, you won’t have to worry about that. You’ll only need to pull it out when you go to sleep, so during the day, you can enjoy the ample extra space!

Plus, as an added bonus, there are tons of different styles and colors that you can look into, like the selection of wall beds by Wilding! You can customize your Murphy bed however you like.

Utilize Your Doors

Closet doors, bedroom doors, even bathroom doors if you have an ensuite bedroom – they’re all fair game. With a simple hook rack, you can hang t-shirts, bags, jackets, and anything else you can think of on the back of your doors. It takes up far less space in the closet and also keeps the floor from getting cluttered!

Re-Think Your Lighting

One of the best small bedroom ideas is to consider your bedroom lighting. It’s time to get rid of your standing or table lamps and get creative!

Consider a hanging lamp that won’t take up any space on your nightstand. A sconce, attached directly to the wall, also is a great way to maximize space. Even string lights will give your room a cozy, magical feel without taking up any floor space.

Use Floating Shelves

A huge, bulky bookcase will take up far too much room in your small bedroom. But floating shelves are the solution!

A floating shelf is the perfect piece of small bedroom decor. It will help you save space in addition to adding a certain flair and style to your room!

Save Space in Your Small Bedroom

If you’re struggling with how to manage your small bedroom, don’t fret. Use these simple ideas, and you’ll be shocked at how spacious your bedroom can be!

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