How to Prepare Your Fireplace for Winter?

How to Prepare Your Fireplace for Winter

As the seasons change and we face colder weather, you may be excited to light a cozy fire in your home fireplace. Gathering around a crackling fire is a wonderful experience for family and friends. Before lighting that first fire, ensure a safe fire burning season by following these simple fireplace preparation steps.

Schedule an Annual Inspection

Fireplace inspections are critical to finding problems before they affect you and your family. Your fireplace and chimney should be cleaned and inspected annually. The inspector will look for signs of structural deterioration that could lead to house fires or carbon monoxide poisoning while the fireplace is in use. They can recommend repairs and if the chimney needs to be swept due to soot buildup.

Perform a Deep Clean

The last year’s fire residue is likely still hanging out inside your fireplace. Give it a good cleaning to prepare it for the new winter season. Remove any leftover ashes before tackling the surfaces. A simple scrub with vinegar and water can remove soot and smoke stains. Once your fireplace is looking bright and fresh, consider an update with custom fire gates to show off your hard work.

Prepare the Area

To make fire burning simple and pleasurable for your family, put all necessary items in place before the cold arrives. Load up on firewood and kindling, storing it off the ground in a dry location. Keep a lidded metal container nearby for safe ash storage. If you have a container you have been using for a few years, inspect it to make sure it’s in good condition. Always store a fire extinguisher nearby, but away from the direct heat of the fireplace.

A little preparation will have your fireplace ready to enjoy all season long. If you follow these steps you’ll be able to enjoy many relaxing nights by the fire.


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