How To Take Care Of Your Stinky House

Stinky House

We all aspire to keep our house neat. No one wants to return to a stinky house after a hectic day at work. Today we are going to share some tips to help you slay the stench lurking around your house.

  • Our kitchen is one of the biggest sources of foul smells as it suffers from constant food accumulation in corners. Kitchen devices like dishwashers can serve as a breeding ground for mildew, mold, and the likes. You can deal with this issue by wiping the dishwasher interior now and then. Alternatively, you can place a small bowl containing white vinegar in your dishwasher’s lower rack and run a normal cycle by selecting hot and extra rinse options. Doing this can take care of the smell.
  • We tend to skip past garbage disposal while undertaking routine cleaning. But did you know that this can be a potential source of foul smell as grease and leftover food tends to stick both under and on the blades! For getting rid of the smell, you can pour one cup of ice and ½ cup table salt down the disposal before turning on the water.
  • Carpeted rooms are infamous for having a mysterious odor. The main reasons behind this are pet hair, schmutz carried indoors by our house shoes, and beverage spills. Availing professional carpet cleaning services are recommended at least once every year. You can also sprinkle some baking soda over the carpet as it acts as a freshening agent. A few hours of resting time need to be allowed before vacuuming the same.
  • Bedsheets tend to absorb sweat and oil from our body causing them to develop a pungent smell with time. Ideally, you should wash your sheets in hot water once a week for killing all odor-causing germs. You can even make a linen spray at home by mixing 10 drops of lavender oil, 2 tablespoons of witch hazel, and six tablespoons of water. This can be sprayed between washes to keep your bed linen smelling fresh and welcoming.
  • Front-load washing machines have a tendency of developing bad smells if not maintained properly. Smelly mold and mildew are formed as moisture gets trapped in the detergent drawer and door seal. It is advisable to keep the detergent drawer open after a wash cycle so that everything dries down completely. If the bad odor persists, then you can wipe the door seal and washer drum with a cloth dampened in one-gallon warm water and ¾ cup bleach solution.
  • Often undesirable smells might come from the air duct system and you can counter the same by undertaking Duct Cleaning in Melbourne. Doing this can also keep you and your loved ones buffered from various health hazards like allergies and asthma. If you ever notice a musty smell coming from your central heating or cooling system, then you can book an appointment with the professionals who will detect the cause of the smell and evict it from the core. While various factors can lead to smelly air ducts, mold buildup is one of the biggest triggers behind the same.
  • The odorless carbon monoxide is emitted from faulty automobile engines, fireplaces, and room heaters. It can be extremely detrimental to health and lead to carbon monoxide poising when ignored for too long. Some common symptoms of this condition are dizziness, chest pain, headaches, confusion, and nausea.

Final Words

Lingering smells often pose a substantial health hazard on remaining unattended for long. This makes it imperative to look after the quality of indoor air. Following the above tips can help you stamp out foul odor from your house.


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