Top 5 Best HVAC Filter Replacements in 2021

HVAC Filter

Prior to COVID, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) stated in its report on “Indoor Air Quality” that Americans spend 90% of their time indoors. As the colder months approach during the current pandemic, that amount of time will certainly rise.

HVAC filter replacements have always been important for getting the highest efficiency from your HVAC system. Changing your furnace filter regularly increases airflow. The type of filter replacements also works to improve indoor air quality by reducing pollutants and allergens.

Since the arrival of COVID, the importance of healthy indoor air has become more noticeable and many of us are looking for affordable ways to improve our indoor air quality.

In this article, learn about different types of air filter replacements and how to choose the best for your indoor needs.

Measuring for HVAC Filter Replacements

To understand the importance of a properly fitted furnace filter, think of your vacuum. When the bag is full, your vacuum no longer provides the right suction and cannot pick up dust and dirt. A dirty air filter for your HVAC system does not allow proper airflow to reduce contaminants.

In addition, an air filter that does not fit properly will have gaps in the sides. This allows for dust, allergens, and dirt to enter the HVAC system and potentially cause mechanical problems.

Width and Length

Look at your current air filter to see if there are any gaps on the sides. If not, you can take the measurements from the filter’s frame and shop for filter replacements. If you notice gaps, remove the old filter and measure with a tape measure for a snug fit.


Furnace filter replacements come in various thicknesses. The most common is 1″ thick. However, some specialty filters can be as high as 5″ thick. When measuring, also measure the depth of the frame where the air filter will be placed.

5 HVAC Filter Brands to Compare

There are many brands of filter replacements. Here we recommend a few based on needs.

  1. Affordability

Buying discount filters in bulk is very affordable. A bulk purchase can be made for many top brand filters with more upfront cost but savings over the year. Also, you won’t forget about changing the filter because you have filter replacements on hand.

AirX for dust prevention is affordable and has a MERV rating of a standard 8. It is effective and reasonable.

  1. Allergies

Filters with a MERV rating of 11 work well for reducing dust, pet dander, and pollens. People with light allergies benefit from this higher filtration.

Aerostar MERV 11 pleated filter. Traps lint, dust mites, and pollens.

  1. Odors

Odors from outdoor air, cooking, and pets are unpleasant in the winter months when ventilation is reduced.

Arm and Hammer air filters for odor control are very effective at trapping bacteria and particles that cause odors.

  1. High Efficiency

If your focus is on reducing your utility bills, a high-efficiency air filter will protect your HVAC system and reduce the energy needed for operation.

Nordic Pure MERV 12 electrostatically charged air filters offer high-efficiency air filtration. They work very well for people with moderate to severe allergy symptoms.

  1. Smart Filters

What’s a smart filter? If you like the technology of reminders to change the filter and usage measurements, then smart filters are for you.

Filtrete Smart Replenishable Air Filters are Bluetooth enabled to remind you of when to change the filter. They detect changes in air pressure and filter airborne viruses.

Get Affordable Air Filters Each Season

Seasonal air filter replacements are an effective way to improve your indoor air quality and reduce energy use that can save you money.

If you found this article useful, keep watching for new posts on products that can improve the indoor air quality of your home or office.


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