Interior Painting Tips on Color Choices That Will Yield an ROI

Painting Tips

When you are thinking of home renovations that are simple and cost-effective, interior painting may be on your mind. Many experts will say that using services for interior painting such as Pacific Coat Painting could yield an ROI of as much as 109 percent. Color is everything. Use these painting tips as your guide to spruce up a few corners in your home and produce a solid return on your investment (ROI).

Neutral Walls in Main Rooms

If you are ever thinking of selling your home, you want walls that new buyers won’t have to worry about. They don’t want to see your living room and consider all the instant painting changes that they are going to have to make. Neutral walls are the choice here.

Neutral walls will help you as well, giving you a backdrop that you can put any of your furniture and artwork against. Neutral doesn’t necessarily mean beige. You can look at a wide range of beige, white, ivory, and grays, to create an ambiance that will match any furniture you own.

Think Blue Bedrooms

Blue bedrooms are the number one choice for interior painting. Bedrooms with blue tones sold for $5400 more than homes with other colors in their bedrooms, according to one real estate study. You want to stay on the lighter side of color choices here. Blue tones you want to consider include lighter powder blues, periwinkles, and even light ceruleans.

Sun Shining Kitchen

If you have windows in your kitchen where you can show off the Sun, use paint colors to help. Humans have an instinct to want a glorious morning with sun in their kitchens as it brings a nice start to the day. But as humans we want the Sun in our kitchen to show off the heart of the home.

You may not have the windows that can do this, but you might be able to do what you can to foster that glow with paint choices. White walls in the kitchen will help any sunrays coming in to bounce off that tone and add a little glory to the room.

Bring in lighter tones to your kitchen walls and allow the sun to be the centerpiece of your kitchen.

Choose Paint Colors Wisely

When you are selecting paint colors for your interior painting projects, think of the message that you want to send. Experts like those at Pacific Coat Painting neutral shades allow you to show off the pieces of your life you have collected for your home, and the nature that is streaming in. Take your time making interior painting color choices.


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