Synthetic Stunner: 5 Fantastic Uses For Artificial Turf

Artificial Turf

Queensland homeowners are rushing to install synthetic turf due its gorgeous aesthetic and low maintenance. You might also be pleased to know that synthetic turf isn’t just beneficial for its aesthetic and easy-clean benefits – it also comes with a range of applications that make it such a joy for the home or local council!

Let’s take a look at some of those fantastic applications below:

1. It’s great for pets!

Pet owners – especially those of cats and dogs – will know the frustrations of trying to clean up after their furry favourites. Whether it’s doing their business or leaving muddy paw prints across the lawn, cleaning real grass can be a real nuisance despite how adorable they are!

Synthetic grass conversely, is a breeze to clean, ensuring you can maintain a beautiful, lush aesthetic without working tirelessly to remove doggy doo-doo stains that are encrusted in the lawn (we know how gross that sounds – but it’s even worse living it!).

It’s for these reasons that synthetic turf mats are so popular for training dogs – they are easy to clean and are a comfortable place for them to learn!

2. They are great for kids play areas

Councils and their landscape designers across Queensland are experiencing the benefits of using synthetic turf for kids play areas. Why? There are myriad reasons, including:

    • Easy drain technology: As Queensland’s inclement weather increases, it’s important to have proper drainage systems in local parks so that play areas don’t turn into something more akin to the local swimming pool. Synthetic turf’s drainage allows for water to run off as opposed to pool;
    • It keeps the dust away: Because nothing is more unpleasant than catching dust in the eyes on an unpleasant summer’s day!
    • It’s safer for kids: In the event of a fall, synthetic turf is much easier on kids than tanbark and other natural materials!

3. Backyard play areas

Synthetic turf carries the same benefits for play in the backyard as it does at the local park. It doesn’t allow water to pool, meaning you and the kids can run out for a game of backyard cricket whenever the sun comes back, and it won’t be too hard on them if they hit the deck doing their best Gilly impression after one of your classic wide bowls!

4. You can make a backyard putting green

Perhaps backyard cricket isn’t your thing (hence all the wides!) and you’re more accustomed to a round of golf on the local fairway. Thankfully, synthetic turf is here to give golfers a leg-up as they can practise their short game when they’re not actually at the local club.

Synthetic turf is typically used for commercial and home putting greens, and you don’t have to wait for the soil to drain before you can get out there and keep practising your skills!

5. It makes the perfect entertainment area

If one of your besties is known for making a bit of a tipsy mess in the backyard, or you all just like to let loose with a bit of a rager, then such turf is the perfect option for keeping the place clean! After all, we should all be able to enjoy our lush gardens in the hot Queensland sun, and synthetic turf is an absolute breeze to clean up after dropping a snag on it or even spilling wine!

Finally, it can withstand all that foot traffic, so dancing is most certainly welcome on your stunning new grass!


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