The Complete Guide To Hiring A Pool Builder For Homeowners

Hiring A Pool Builder For Homeowners

Do you want to add value to your home and install something that will be fun for the family?

Then your perfect solution is a swimming pool. Pools increase the value of your home and, in the summer months, provide the ideal place to cool down!

But you must find the right professional to ensure proper pool construction. To help, here is our complete guide to hiring a pool builder.

Pool Building Experience

Building a pool is a complex project. You’ll want someone with plenty of experience in the pool style you need. Start by examining the builder’s portfolio.

Many builders have an online gallery. So visit the websites of your shortlisted construction companies to see what work they’ve done in the past. Don’t forget to check out any online customer reviews.

You could also ask friends and family if anyone knows a homeowner who recently had a pool installed. They’ll be able to provide some valuable recommendations.

Check Licensing Requirements

Some pools will require state licensing or permissions — research what you need in your local area. You will also want to ensure you choose a builder with the correct licensing to complete the construction.

Take Measurements

Measure the space available for the pool; you’ll need that for quotes. Don’t forget to measure the surrounding area if you want stone or tile flooring around your pool.

Write Down Your Requirements

Now it’s time to get some quotes from a shortlist of builders. Aim to get at least three or four different prices. You’ll want to invite the builders to your home so they can see the space in person.

It’s great to chat with builders during this phase and tell them your vision.

But you should always follow this with written requirements when scoping out a project. That will ensure everyone has matching expectations and there is no miscommunication.

Compare Pool Building Costs

When you’ve had builders around to examine the project, ask them to follow up with a firm quote for the work. Make sure that includes a list of everything in scope to compare like with like.

When choosing the right builder, consider various factors, not only the final price. You’ll want to find out their timescales and availability and the quality of finish you’ll get for that money.

Secure Your Financing

You could pay for the pool outright if you have the cash, and some homeowners choose to do that.

But for many homeowners, pool financing is the best option for something as complex as a swimming pool construction. It will make your dream pool more affordable in the short term instead of compromising on the finish.

Hiring a Pool Builder

Don’t shortcut the task of planning your swimming pool. It’s worth getting it perfect as mistakes can be costly. Use this guide to help you navigate the process of hiring a pool builder.

For more ideas on how you can add value to your property, why not head over to our home improvement section now?


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