The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Stair Handrails For Your Home

Stair Handrails For Your Home

Stairs are an essential part of many homes, but they can be dangerous. You’ll need to make sure you choose great home handrails to go along with them.

Over 1 million Americans have stair-related injuries every year, so it’s important to take stair safety seriously. The best stair handrail options will help keep you and your family safe while also helping to improve the visual appeal of your home.

In this complete guide, we’ll tell you how to choose the best stair handrails for your home.

Prioritize Safety

When choosing handrails for your home, be sure to think first and foremost about safety.

It’s a good idea to talk to your architect and check building codes in your area to determine the required height of your stair handrails. Be sure that you meet any safety regulations that you need to and get stair handrail extensions if needed.

Choose Quality Materials

You’ll also want to carefully consider the materials you choose for your handrails.

There are a variety of materials available to choose from including woods such as oak, cherry, cedar, and hickory. There are also plastic and faux stair handrail options you can consider as well.

As a general rule, it’s best to choose authentic hardwood materials if you want to ensure great durability and an attractive appearance.

Consider Your Home’s Style

There are many handrail styles that you can choose from as well, so you’ll want to consider each of them carefully.

You should usually plan to match the style of your handrails to the style of your home. A rustic home-style would be served well by a wooden railing that matches the wood colors in your home, for example.

Consider the overall style of the room that your rails are in and make sure that they mesh well with it. You may want to visit to learn more about the different railing styles that are available.

Consider the Stair Design

If you’re building your home from scratch and haven’t installed stairs yet, you should be sure to consider the type of stairs and the handrails you choose together.

There are many stair styles just like there are many handrail styles. Straight stairs, L-shaped stairs, and spiral staircases are just a few good options to consider and each will do better with different kinds of railings.

Be sure to consider how the stairs and the railings will look and work together when making your choice.

Check the Details

Remember that when getting handrails for your home you should be sure to focus on the details.

There are some handrails that are very simplistic and minimalistic in design but there are some with intricate details and patterns. You can get handrails engraved and can find all kinds of extra touches that can make your handrails really stand out.

Be sure to consider the finer points and choose stair handrails that truly mesh with your home and the style that is most interesting to you.

Using These Tips to Find the Best Stair Handrails For Your Home

If you want to be sure that you’re happy with the stair handrails you choose for your home, be sure to consider all of the advice above. By focusing on safety and ensuring the railing style will be compatible with the rest of your home, you’re likely to be satisfied with your decision.

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