Why Is Installing Double Glazing Windows A Good Idea?

Installing Double Glazing Windows

If the interior of your home or workplace is severely affected by the colder months, it may be time to consider installing energy efficient double glazing windows.

In the middle of winter, we are more aware than ever of how difficult it is to keep our home at a pleasant temperature. Often, even though we have the radiator on, or the heating on all day, we notice that the heat is not retained. On the contrast, we spend a lot of money on electricity or heating, and with those, we do not get a stable warm temperature.

It has been proven that the poor state of the windows, or the incorrect installation of the windows, are the main culprits of this very inconvenient phenomenon. One of the best solutions to put an end to this problem is that of double glazing, which reduces the heat loss of the house, the amount reduced depends on the type of windows installed and their (WER) windows energy rating.

What is double glazing?

Double glazed windows or doors are those that consist of two panes of glass, known as sealed units. These, in turn, are separated by a chamber of air or argon gas, which allows them to develop the warm and acoustic insulation of the house.

Double Glazing is thus a much more efficient system than single glazed window systems. However, the quality of this will depend on the window’s energy rating. The actual double glazing insulation is vital for optimal energy efficiency, as a window that’s not fitted correctly could allow external factors, like; the weather and noise to enter a property. Therefore, a customer can’t fully benefit from a poorly fitted window system.

The advantages and benefits of double glazed windows

Although we have already mentioned to you about the foremost benefits of double glazing, then we delve a little deeper into why this type of glazing is the most suitable.

Double glazing means greater savings

Although having maximum heating is undoubtedly the easiest way to heat a home, it is also the least economical. Instead, double glazing allows us to save. Since we can use less time and lower temperature heaters and keep the house in good temperature. This type of Upvc Windows Cost is not high. This is achieved thanks to the tight construction of these windows. It reduces the flow of heat or cold incoming and outgoing.

Improve acoustic insulation with double glazing

The quality of the glass and the frame or carpentry of the windows will significantly influence the sound insulation of the home or premises.

Double glazing is safer

Upvc double glazing is durable and internally glazed. Therefore, they are designed to be effective against vandalism and a safer option than externally beaded windows. Multi point locking mechanisms are installed to openers, ensuring they are securely closed.

Less sun damage with double glazing

Although at first glance, this cannot be perceived, double glazing manages to reduce the amount of sun and heat that enters through the windows. Therefore, with this system, you can better control the impact of light on furniture, painting the walls and all those objects exposed to natural light.

Double glazing reduces condensation and humidity

Another of the big problems of cold homes and with inefficient windows is the excess humidity and condensation. These phenomena appear when the difference between the interior of the house and the exterior is very significant. In these cases, small drops may appear that increase the thermal sensation of cold in the rooms.

Low Maintenance

Upvc double glazed windows and doors require no painting or varnishing like wood. They’re also guaranteed against rotting, cracking, warping and discolouring. Upvc windows require very little maintenance, other than cleaning, when required, with warm soapy water.


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