What Are The Best Materials To Build Steep Pathways?


Your car has a hard time in the winter. Your car has to work much harder to climb the slope and enter your garage because your driveway is steep and covered in ice. Maybe that concrete driveway needs to be replaced. Concrete is a beautiful and durable material, but it’s too smooth. Your tires are unable to gain traction during the icy months because they lack traction. Something a little more textural is what you need.

Here are some fantastic options for steep driveways to help you choose the material that’s best for you and your vehicle.


In icy conditions, gravel gives tires plenty of traction. Additionally, it’s less expensive than practically every other driveway choice. The one thing you should be aware of is that some maintenance is required for this. If you want to prevent it from entering your garden, you should build a little stone wall. Every few months or so, you should have it professionally repacked.

Gravel stones

Compared to regular gravel, gravel stones are slightly bigger. The rocks’ smooth surface provides just the right amount of texture to help your car acquire traction without taxing its tires. The same guidelines apply here; you’ll need to erect a small barrier. Prior to inserting the stones, a cloth must be placed down. Grass will grow through if you don’t.

Crushed stone

Gravel and crushed stone work in somewhat similar ways. Your tires have plenty of traction thanks to its texture. It will add a clean, rustic feel to your house and is just as inexpensive as gravel. However, you’ll need to use it with caution. Potholes frequently occur, and when you shovel or plough snow off of it, you might chip some of it away.


It is not a good idea to have a flat granite driveway because it will be excessively smooth. However, cobblestone squares add traction and are composed of granite. They also have a nice appearance. But there’s a cost associated with these little squares. Similar to crushed stones, cobblestones can be challenging to plow or shovel for a different reason. It is difficult for you to get it all because of the uneven surface.

Chip seal

Choose the chip seal option if you enjoy gravel but are concerned about small stones falling into your garden. Gravel that has been rolled onto an asphalt emulsion is called chip seal. Because the emulsion is sticky, the stones are held precisely where they should be. You’ll need to exercise some caution. During freeze cycles, the stones often break off, and a plow can easily knock them loose.

You’ll need a material that can provide your tires with a little extra traction if your driveway is steep. If you don’t, it will be difficult for you to enter your home when it gets chilly. We really hope you give some of the materials on this list for steep driveways a try! For driveways that aren’t too steep, concrete is a fantastic material. Let an incredible team of driveway installers handle it.


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