When To Seek Expert Help With A Problematic Boiler

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Gas boilers are a common addition to many homes throughout the UK, and when they’re functioning as they should, they give the much needed warmth and comfort people need when the weather starts to turn, and winter sets in. However, as useful and essential as they are, it isn’t uncommon for them to develop problems over time that flipping the on/off switch alone, can’t fix.

That said, a little knowledge about some common gas boiler problems can help you prevent them from happening in the first place, and may even enable you to fix them. In instances where a DIY fix isn’t suitable, however, you can call out a professional company dealing with boilers Middlesbrough, and have them fix it safely for you.

Here are some common problems with boilers and information as to when to seek professional help to remedy them:

Low water pressure

This can cause a boiler to shut down completely, or not heat your home properly. Whether caused by a water leak, radiators in need of bleeding, or a faulty pressure relief valve, regular monitoring of the water level and trying to keep it at the desired level (you may need professional guidance to know the right pressure levels) might help you avoid this problem altogether.


Any kind of leak from your gas boiler must be reported and dealt with as a matter of urgency. Rusted pipes or broken seals may have caused it, but only a professional will be able to correctly determine the cause and rectify the issue safely.

Not heating up properly

Trapped air or a build up of debris in the radiators may be causing your boiler not to heat them up properly, and bleeding them may solve this. Should it not, however, it might be that a broken pump or a build up of mineral deposits are responsible, and only a heating specialist will be able to help you solve this problem.

Making funny noises

From bangs and gurgles, to whistles and pounding, any unusual noise emanating from your gas boiler is usually indicative of a more serious problem. Whether caused by trapped air or a broken pump, a professional diagnosis is required in order to fix the problem and keep your home heated adequately.

Issues when igniting

This is one of the most common problems with a boiler, and a broken pilot light or worn-out ignition component may be responsible. While the faulty parts may be cleaned or replaced to resolve the issue, it’s important to have a heating professional assess the problem and find a proper solution, before second guessing the cause yourself or attempting to fix it.

Gas boiler safety is no joke, and if you suspect your boiler may be leaking or you can smell gas, it’s essential for your safety – and that of anyone else living in and around the property – that you seek professional help immediately. Whether you call the company who installed your boiler to avail of their boiler services in Middlesbrough, or another local firm, it’s really important that you never attempt to repair a boiler yourself, and that you seek help immediately if you suspect a leak or serious fault.


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