Who is a Glazier?

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Glass has endless uses in modern life. For instance, insulated and specially treated glass controls sound and condensation, while tempered and laminated glass secures doors and windows. Additionally, the innovative use of large glass doors, windows, and skylights make a building bright, inviting, and airy.

Glaziers specialize in fitting these glass products, plus other materials used as glass substitutes such as marble and granite. If you plan on becoming a glazier, read on to discover your expected duties and qualities.

Responsibilities of a Glazier

Consulting with Customers

Each job begins with customer consultation. The glazier meets the client, who explains their needs, desires, and budget. With such information in mind, the glazier can now present their options to the customer before coming up with a definite plan.

Material Selection

Given that every client’s needs are different, each job is unique. For this reason, glaziers must decide the ideal materials to complete a task.

Glass Removal and Replacement

Glaziers are tasked with cutting and removing any existing glass before fixing new designs. Afterward, the glazier comes in with the new material, cuts, fits, or installs fresh glass fixtures.

Interpreting Blueprints

There is a common myth that only the engineers and architects read blueprints. Interestingly, glaziers should study and interpret blueprints to determine the most appropriate shape, size, color, and glass thickness for the building.

Installing frameworks

Glaziers may need to fit pre-assembled metal or wood frameworks before fitting the glass.

Qualities of a Good Glazier


Being a glazier is a physically-demanding job. For this reason, an individual planning to take on this career path should have a high level of stamina. They should have the ability to stand, kneel, or sit for hours on end. Plus, they should be able to hold heavy glass pieces as they await installation.

Additionally, most of the glazier’s work involves using ladders and scaffolds. Thus, a glazier should possess the right balance level to avoid falls and injuries.


Sometimes urgent issues that require immediate attention may arise. With this in mind, glaziers should be dependable so they can attend to such emergencies, even though it means disrupting their holiday or weekend.

Critical Thinker

Glazier should critically analyze blueprints to determine the best course of action, as per each client’s needs and preferences. That is where critical and analytical skills come in handy.

Excellent Communication Skills

In their work line, glaziers should expect to come into contact with a wide range of clients. Therefore, they should possess written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills to handle each client uniquely.

Great Hand-Eye Coordination

Most of the glass pieces must be cut by hand. Therefore, the glazier must have excellent hand-eye coordination to avoid errors or hurting themselves.


Working as a glazier is a thrilling career path, which assures a high level of job satisfaction. This career is perfect for those who enjoy working with their hands and are interested in working with glass. We hope the information provided here will help you determine whether you are an ideal fit.


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