3 Common Causes of House Fires

House Fires

Dealing with a house fire can be an incredibly stressful event for everyone involved. They can be extremely dangerous and cause death or injuries to people and animals inside the home. Fires occur for many different reasons, but some of the most common include cooking accidents, faulty electrical wiring and smoking indoors.

1. Cooking

Any source of heat that grows hot enough has the potential to cause a fire. The biggest cause of house fires is cooking, especially if the stove or oven is unattended. Make sure that a responsible adult is in the room with food when it is being cooked and keep towels and utensils away from heat sources when not in use. If a fire does occur and cannot be safely put out, then everyone should be evacuated from the house as quickly as possible and the fire department alerted. Do not re-enter the home until clearance has been issued and smoke remediation Saint James NY has occurred.

2. Electrical Wiring

Most people do not think about what is happening behind their walls, but faulty wiring can cause a house fire at any time of the day or night. Luckily, there are some warning signs of faulty wiring, such as dimming lights and fuses that are blown out often. While it may be easy to dismiss those events, it is a good idea to contact a professional electrician to evaluate the wiring system to fix any problems.

3. Smoking

When people smoke inside the home, there is the risk that a dropped cigar or cigarette may fall onto a flammable item and cause a large fire. Smoking in bed can be especially dangerous, as someone who is sleepy may fall asleep and drop a lit cigarette onto the bedding.

While no one wants to experience a house fire, thousands of people each year must contend with one. Being familiar with some of the common causes and taking steps to prepare for emergencies can help homeowners limit damage and prevent accidents.


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