3 Easy Ways to Distinguish Your Home While on the Market


Wondering how you can speed up the process of selling your home? A little upfront effort can make the difference in getting an offer within days as opposed to months. Here are three easy ways to set your home apart from the other properties on the market.

1. Give Your Landscaping a Refresher

Real estate experts agree that homes with great landscaping move quickly on the market. Prior to selling, spend a weekend sprucing up the landscaping in your front yard. Remove all landscaping debris, trim trees and shrubs away from your house and spread a layer of mulch around all planting areas to give them a fresh appearance. Reliable mulch delivery Cincinnati save you time by bringing the mulch right to you, saving you time as you’re beautifying the yard.

2. Increase Curb Appeal

A tried and true way to get your home noticed is to improve its curb appeal. Since you’re selling, don’t invest too much money into these fixes. It probably comes as no surprise that dollar-for-dollar, your best bet is to give the exterior a fresh coat of paint. You don’t even have to paint the whole house – usually adding some fresh color to the front door and trim does the trick.

3. Declutter the Interior

It only makes sense that you need to clean your house before listing but remember to be aggressive when it comes to paring down the clutter that you have in the house. A secret tip is to rent offsite storage during the time you’re selling – it allows you to free up your closets, attic and even your garage and gives buyers the impression that your house has abundant room for storage.

You want your home to move on the market. Make these quick improvements before you list and you’ll improve your odds of getting a great offer.


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