3 Ways to Increase Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Home’s Energy Efficiency

An energy-efficient home can lower your monthly bills and reduce your environmental impact. Although some of the energy-saving renovations can be expensive, there are several inexpensive projects you can complete that will improve your home and save you money. By implementing the following methods, you can increase your home’s resale value, lower expenses and decrease your carbon footprint.

1. Landscaping

One of the cheapest ways to lower your home’s power consumption is to plant trees on the side of your home that receives the most sunlight. During the summer, the trees will shade the house and lower the overall temperature. It may take several years for saplings to make a noticeable difference, but you can purchase older trees for a few hundred dollars. In the winter months, the trees will shed leaves and allow the sun to heat your home.

2. Heating and Cooling

Heating and cooling your home accounts for a significant amount of your power bill. Inefficient HVAC systems can add several hundred dollars to your expense budget, but you can maintain your system by regularly changing the filters and inspecting the units. You also have the option to install a solar HVAC system to minimize fossil fuel consumption and lower your bills. For renovation projects involving electrical work, you should only contact a professional like an electrical contractor Greenwood Ar.

3. Insulation and Caulking

If your home isn’t sealed correctly, air seepage can significantly increase your monthly utility bill. Insulation will deteriorate quickly when it’s exposed to a leaking roof, and you can inspect your attic to determine if you need to purchase more. For greater efficiency, the insulation should be thick enough to reach the top edge of the joists. For your windows and doors, you should replace damaged or missing caulking and weather stripping. These inexpensive repairs will make a considerable impact on your power consumption.

Dealing with outrageous power bills every month can be a frustrating ordeal, but you can lower your bills and ease your anxiety by employing the previous techniques.


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