Add Value To Your Home With RV Storage

RV Storage

RV ownership skyrocketed across the US as soon as the pandemic hit in 2020. Currently, about 11 million US households own an RV.

And while they offer the chance to get out and explore whenever you want, the reality is that they sit idle most of the year.

If you want to keep your RV safe and in the best possible condition, to minimize the amount needed to spend on repairs, you need to invest in RV storage.

Yes, RVs are designed to withstand the elements. But you can easily prolong their useful life, and keep them clean and fresh by storing them out of the elements when not in use.

RV storage facilities are an option. But a better option might be to add value to your home by constructing on-site RV storage on your property.

Keep reading below to learn more about your RV storage options.

Benefits of RV Storage at Home

Most people would prefer to store their RV at home, rather than in a facility. Why?

Because having your RV at home gives you immediate access. As you prepare for a trip, it’s much easier to clean your RV, stock it with supplies, and get it ready to go.

Plus, having an RV at home makes it easier to take spontaneous trips. if you have to drive across town to get your RV, you’ll make plenty of excuses why you shouldn’t go out this weekend.

And of course, storing your RV at home is much cheaper than a rental facility. The cheap facilities don’t even offer covered RV ports. They are just fenced-in lots, still allowing the elements to reach your RV.

Covered RV lots and indoor storage facilities are expensive and add up considerably over the months and years.

Why You Need Covered RV Storage at Home

Some people store their RV in their driveways, and some in the grass next to, or beside the home. This isn’t ideal.

The rain, and possibly hail and snow can cause unnecessary wear and tear on your RV as it sits for months waiting for camping season.

Likewise, UV rays from the sun are very strong. If your RV isn’t in the shade or under a roof, the sun can weaken seals around windows and doors, fade paint, and even fade upholstery inside.

By investing in a covered RV port, or even metal buildings on your lot, you can protect your RV investment every single day that it isn’t in use.

An RV carport attachment or other storage option will help you save money on RV storage fees, even though they require an upfront investment.

And in many instances, as long as they don’t detract from your home’s appearance, they can increase your home’s value. Considering many homebuyers also have an RV (or a boat), they might be willing to pay extra for a home that already has it in place.

And you can get the most out of your RV storage by also using it for other things, such as a workshop, covered grilling area, household storage, and so forth.

Keep Your RV Safe

RV storage is an important consideration for prospective or current RV owners. The last thing you want to do is let your RV sit outside in the sun for 340 days a year.

Instead, invest in a storage option for your home to keep your RV safe and in good working condition for many years to come.

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