5 Tips for Choosing an Emergency AC Service

Emergency AC Service

With the average utility bill already at around $115 per month, you don’t want it to get any higher. That’s why staying on top of HVAC repair is so critical. But what should you do if your air conditioner starts acting up?

Read on to learn the 5 best tips for choosing an emergency AC service!

1. Ask About Availability

Do you need help immediately? If the weather forecast is projecting triple-digit temperatures, it can be dangerous going without an air conditioner. In other words, you need an AC repair company that knows how to prioritize.

A company’s website or reception desk should be able to give you an emergency contact number. Good companies will have technicians ready to handle time-sensitive issues. And they may even be able to respond 24 hours a day!

2. Look at Pricing and Repayment Plans

If you need a new compressor or condenser fan motor, you could be paying over $1,000. And if you don’t have money in your reserves to cover the cost, you could be out of luck.

Look for an HVAC repair company that offers different payment structures. For instance, maybe you can make low-interest monthly payments. While you’re at it, ask about warranties on any new parts or services.

3. Choose Experienced AC Repair Technicians

For AC repair, it’s essential to go with experienced technicians who’ve encountered a range of issues. They should be able to handle anything from AC installation to common repairs. And if you end up needing a new unit, they should know what model works best for your needs.

A good technician should be able to spot the cause of a frozen evaporator coil or drainage issue. Ask a potential technician how many years of experience they have, and what industry certifications they hold.

4. Get Referrals

If your emergency can wait a day, it doesn’t hurt to ask for referrals. Turn to neighbors, coworkers, or friends to get an honest appraisal of a technician.

And check out online reviews, too, when you type an AC repair company’s name into a search engine. While you can find reviews on company websites, you might get less bias looking elsewhere.

5. Check Licensing and Insurance

Does the HVAC company you’re considering have the necessary licenses and permits? They may need to be licensed as contractors by a state board to complete AC installation. And you’ll want to know they have a permit to conduct business in your area.

A reputable HVAC repair company will ensure that its employees have general liability coverage. This means that you won’t be stuck with a medical bill if a technician is injured on your property. And they’ll be bonded, meaning they will have the means to offer you payment in the event of damage to your property.

Find the Best Emergency AC Service

When you need emergency AC service, it pays to go with an experienced HVAC repair company. Ask about 24-hour availability and check to ensure the technicians are insured. And, of course, look at repayment options if the bill will be high.

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