The Impacts of a Water Main Leak on Your Property

Water Main Leak

Most people deal with plumbing leaks at some point in their lives. Sometimes, you might feel as if you can ignore the leak for a while. After all, is it really a big deal if your faucet drips or your toilet runs more often than it should? But there is one kind of leak that you should never ignore—a water main leak. A leak in your water main can waste hundreds of gallons of water every day, but in addition to driving up your water bill, it can have many negative impacts on your property. Keep reading to learn more.

Soft, Soggy Lawn

With that much water leaking from an underground pipe, it won’t be long before your lawn starts to show signs of excess moisture. Sure, the grass might soak it up at first (literally), but it doesn’t take too much time for a leaky water main to start saturating your soil and creating a soft, soggy lawn. Do you really want your own private swamp on your property?

When a lawn is oversaturated, it becomes damaged much more easily. A child or pet running across it can quickly tear up divots in your grass, and then there are the issues it creates with mowing your lawn. You simply can’t push a lawnmower through puddles of mucky water. The longer you ignore your water main leak, the more your lawn will become damaged due to oversaturation until you’re left with nothing but a patch of slick mud.

Attracting Pests

You likely know that standing water is a neon welcome sign for pests. Not only do mosquitos and other annoying insects breed around stagnant water, but other pests will turn your yard into a private watering hole. You’ll be welcoming mice, rats, snakes, and other bugs and critters onto your property for a refreshing drink. Odds are, some of those will make their way into your home and overstay their welcome.

Shifting Soil

Your lawn isn’t the only thing that’s impacted by oversaturated soil. The soil itself will shift much more than it ever would naturally, and this can cause damage to any structures on your property, from your driveway and landscaping to your home’s foundation. As the soil absorbs water, it will expand and create pressure on anything in the soil, while other areas may erode away, creating pockets of air under structures. When this occurs (especially under your house), the foundation can buckle over this unsupported space, creating expensive and extensive damage to your property.

A water main leak does more than wastewater. It threatens your property as a whole. Be sure to seek water main repair in Sacramento immediately if you suspect your water main is leaking.


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